Tuesday, December 30, 2008


One day I was feeling really down, and moody. I went online to find things to do, that could brighten up my day. But I found nothing. Until, I came across this motivational poster:

And it put a smile on my face.

Happy new year everyone.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Probably The Best Bottle In The World

Now, I'm sure most of you have seen this ad before :

Let me start off by saying, that advertising for beer is wrong as it is. I mean you see those "Don't drink and drive" messages all over, and yet they dare advertise beer? It's like saying, we don't mind you drinking, just don't drive, yeap, drinking is fine, we don't care if it damages your body, but just. don't. drive.

Now, since it's ok to advertise beer let me start by saying what a stupid commercial that is. (Go watch it if you haven't before).

First of all, what the ad is trying to tell you is that, "Once you drink our 'wonderful' beer, you'll have loads of fun. Yeap, fun. Like, going into other people's property, and destroy the crop they have been working hard to keep, and make a beer shaped crop circle? I mean c'mon...

Next next, this is even funnier, notice the end message? "Probably the best bottle in the world"? Haha... Yeah, sure your bottle is great... "we have the best bottle in the world, rejoice!" haha... "The bottle is great, but we're not quite sure about the substance inside, but the bottle is off the hook!... Ohh wait, now we're not even sure if it IS the best bottle".. probably... what a joke... haha..

So yeah, some might think I'm a little harsh. Who am I to judge an ad right? Its not like I can write something that's any better. But heck, any publicity is good publicity right? =D

Here are some pictures of crop circles :

Friday, November 28, 2008

You know how ... Then why is is that...

You know how, old people have problems hearing? It's not like it's their problem, but it's just due to old age I guess.

Then why is it that, when you play music loudly in the car, they can't seem to stand it? I mean your hearing is better than theirs, and by right you should hear the music louder than they do, but yet they ask you to turn the music down.


Friday, November 7, 2008

2 minutes

As I promised, I shall now continue my post on 'Time Travel', and put out more mind-boggling questions about this phenomenon.

Now, I'm pretty sure most of you have heard of Hiro Nakamura, the Japanese 'superhero' from the TV series "Heroes", and there are many things that I'm not sure about his power to time travel. When Hiro time travels, his current body disappears from the present, and time goes on. To elaborate further : When Hiro travels to the past, the present still goes on without him, it is as if he had been removed from existence, until he comes back. So if thats the case, if Hiro were to travel 2 minutes into the past, and tell the 'past Hiro' not to do the same, there would be 2 Hiro's right? But then again, there would be zero Hiro's (heh, that rhymes) 2 minutes into the future. How does that work? Which means that 2-minutes-into-the-future Ando (Hiro's best friend), would be without a friend, while 2-minutes-into-the-past Ando, would have 2 best friends right? That would be like cloning people. Not only that, but you'd be creating a whole different dimension. Think about it.

Now, if let's say I were to go travel into the past, and the present would still continue going on without me, what would happen if I were to start carving my name into the walls of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, would it happen at the same rate in the future? As in, would you be able to see the the carvings the same time I'm carving it? So if that's the case, if I were to travel 2 minutes into the past and write something on your class whiteboard, you'd be able to see writings just appear on the whiteboard as I write it right? Now wouldn't that be scary?

There are just so many things that are left out while explaining, or portraying time travel, that one just stops to think about these things, like me. I've always wanted to go back in time, change something, erase a stupid mistake. But as I think about doing that, I also wonder what would happen to the future, or the present if I do so. And this concludes my post on time-travel.

Most of you are going to read this and think about the same things I do, the wonders of time travel, the many types of time travel, and the effects of time travel. Or you're going to go : "What?!".. So I only have a few words to say to you : My mind wonders, sue me.

Now here are some pictures of Japanese superstars:

Monday, November 3, 2008

A whole good minute

Have you ever wished you could go back in time? Change something that you did before? Re-write history? Well, that's what today's post is about. Time Travel.

Imagine if you had a time-machine like Marty McFly , or the ability to bend the time-space-continuum like Hiro Nakamura, what would you do? And more importantly, do you know how time-travel works? If you are looking for a mathematical explanation on time travel, you're in the wrong site my friend. I'm here just to give my opinion and bring up some questions about time travel that should get you thinking for a whole good minute.

There are many types of time-travel, that's what I've noticed through movies and TV-shows anyway. There is of course the time travel where you go back in time with the knowledge you know from the present day. And even this type of time-travel can be split up in to two sub-sections. First is where you have the knowledge of what you know now, and you travel back into the past in your current body. And there is the type of time-travel where you go back in time, but put in the body of "younger you". The latter can be seen in the movie "13 Going On 30." This movie was about a 13 year-old girl, being transported in to her 30 year-old self with only the knowledge of what she knew when she was 13, of course this is traveling to the future, but time travel nonetheless.

So using "13 going on 30" as an example, what happened to the past? I mean she teleported into the future, but if she did, how is there still a 30 year-old her? Maybe she just skipped her entire teen life and her 20's as well. Kind of like in "Click", another movie where the actor gets teleported into the future. For these examples, time-traveling into the future is more like fast-forwarding your life. You don't know whats in the middle, but you're living in the future.

I've probably bored you out by now, so I'll continue this post another time.
Till then, and I say this in the most cliched way possible :
To be Continued

Now, here are some pictures of people whose first name is 'Marty':

Marty Casey

Marty Gibson

Senator Marty

Marty the Zebra

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Its Just A Number Right?

One day, while in the car, coming back from.. (Haha, gotcha! you didn't really think I would tell you where I was coming back from did you? *pfft* thats not the kind of blog I write remember? If you're looking for interesting stories to read about, you have to look no further than your history textbook, I'm sure it's full of "someone, going somewhere, doing something". But anyway, back to my post.)

While in the car, coming back from, somewhere, I looked out at my window, and guess what I saw? Cars! Lots and lots of cars. And in each and every one of those cars, there was of course, a driver (unless this is something like I-Robot and our cars are driving themselves due to some messed up computer), and maybe a passenger or two. And in that car, the driver would have a family member, and his family member would have other family members, and that other member of the family might have a cat. And that cat would have an owner, and that owner would be the family member of the family member of the driver, and your probably thinking, what does that have to do with anything? Well, In that "story" alone, I just linked one person to another two (excluding the cat).

So just think, if in that one car, one person is linked to another 2, thats a total of 3 people. Then let's say your in a traffic jam with another 15-20 cars, thats about 45-60 people! But to you, maybe thats not many. It's just a number right?

In the recent Hurricane Ike that hit the US, the death toll was reportedly up to a 50 to 55 people. Now thats about everyone in that 'made up' traffic jam of mine, and 2 of their family members. Still doesn't seem like a lot to you? Well, how bout if I bring that number closer to you, let's say your high school classroom. That death toll, is about your whole class and every subject teacher of yours. *Choi choi, touch wood*Think about that and try to say "Ohh, thats just a number."

Now, I'm not trying to send a message here, like, "take care of the environment" or such, I'm just saying that next time, lets say your reading the newspaper about the "melamine case" in China, and you read that the death toll is now up to 13 deaths, don't just say "Ohh, its just a number" because, that relatively small amount of 13, is like your favorite football team, plus the manager and assistant manager. And imagine if they were the ones who were to be affected by that. *Choi choi, touch wood*

Now, I've probably dampened your spirits a little by posting this haven't I? So, to lighten the mood, here are some pictures of cute kitties (maybe one of them is the driver's family member's family member's cat):

*condolences to the family members of the people involved in those unfortunate events I just mentioned. RIP my fellow brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thinking Postive?

I'm sure most of, if not all of you have heard of this thing called "The Secret"... What is it actually? Not many of us know, is it true? Maybe... But what I did grab from this book/movie, is that one should think positive in life, to get what one wants...

Thinking positive, what exactly does this mean?... Well according to "The Secret", if you want to achieve something, you should always just think of it in a positive way? Make sense? No? Let me explain...Well, according to the way I see it.

Thinking positive... Okay, let's say you don't want it to rain, just think to yourself "It won't rain, don't worry"... You think thats positive? NO!... According to "The Secret", You shouldn't even include the word "won't".... rather, you should think to yourself "It'll stay sunny", or something along that lines. You want to know why?
Well, if you just say, It won't rain, The word rain is still there, and somehow, "The Universe", doesn't register the word won't...Don't ask, I ain't no master of the universe...

Does it really work? Like I said, who knows? But ever since I watched the movie, I've always thought that way... It's like somehow my mind works that way....

We're not going to lose? NO! We're going to win.... Didn't to my homework, ahh never mind, teacher won't get angry? NO! Didn't to my homework, ahh never mind, teacher will stay sane... I know I won't mess up during my exams? NO! I know I'll do great for my exams...Or something like that...

I also use this positive way of thinking for colors. Like if the traffic light has stayed green for awhile now, and I haven't crossed, I'll think : Green, Green Tea, Grinch, Trees!....If I'm wearing something white, and want it to stay white, I'll think : White, Egg White, Michael Jackson!... Stuff like that....

This post may not make much sense but heck I don't care...
And I know most of you visit blogs to view pictures, so here are pictures of Michael Jackson:

He looks like a smart ugly woman no?

"Come boys lets snuggle!"

I guess even MJ can't run away from the lala craze

"Ow! That chair's not my son!"